Tuesday, March 3


Okay, been practicing since last Thursday ..
Stayed back .. and stayed back ...
Ate lunch with whole bunch of Chinese friends ..
Talked crap .. Laughed .. Played piano ;x
And mostly ... there's 2 "Si Ham" lovers! ;x

Kinda tiring .. Eye bags getting more and more heavier ==
Enjoyed it ..... some way (?)

And Chai Yin's birthday tomorrow!
Wish her here first :P
In case I forgot (?) xD

Here are the remaining Japan photos :P

Along the streets ...

Random flower tree.

There we go to Ueno Zoo~

Show off peacock :P


Like this Fiona? ;x

Lol at Adult Movies xD

Some streets ..

I don't know why, but I like this :)

All the photos are copyrighted :P
Not copied from anywhere okaaaay ;x ;x
Taken by P1i Sony Ericsson, quality not so good ;x Cos zoomed in ==

Sigh, gotta go!
All the best~

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