Tuesday, March 17

I hope I don't regret...

I really hope I don't regret that I chose this piece to perform for my diploma cert.
This is only the 2nd and 3rd movement of Beethoven's Sonata-Pathetique for the piece.
My first movement is already 7788, or maybe 5566 =.= if you understand what that means.
Notes aren't very clear yet :( :( But the hard ones are yet to come :( :( :(

I still got 1 more piece, which is 8 pages. And I don't feel like practicing them.
Give some motivation ? :( I just don't wanna stretch this whole thing till next year.
Finish them off this year !! :( And this year end I wanna take undang liao...
Exams leh, haiyoh, all the new subs are killing leh ....
Cannot slumber liao leh .... how come I feel this powerful wave coming towards me ==
Eating me up T.T

Anyway, here is the piece I'm gonna play. Take your time and enjoy...

This is the 2nd movement of Pathetique. I don't know whether you guys will click to listen. But it's actually a very nice piece. It ain't easy as it sounds like. Sigh ...

This is the 3rd movement of Pathetique. I like the whole melody but .... can you see how crazily fast is it?!?!?! My god. I still love it! :D Hope I really can vomit this piece out before the due date.

Maybe I made the wrong choice ?
Already wrong for so long -.- No more turning back la haiz.
Might as well do my best ...................... but i'm doing it right now =.=


eLmo said...

2nd one very nice!

ericmakal said...

I had played this 2 movements before.. Nice song though... 1st mov. is also great... When u taking diploma?

-0wner! said...

eLmo-!! 2nd one is almost half way liao~

LiNa LeE's World said...
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