Saturday, March 14

new ioi.

Kinda empty .. but there's lotsa new restaurant :D
Economy ain't good now though ;x

Went to Popular yesterday, okay. Popular in IOI is so ... insufficient of books ==
ALL the books I want can't get from there one lor!! Why so little stock zzz.
Bumped into Josh lulz.

Had to go E-Books in Giant to get what I want.
At least better than IOI's Popular -__-
More discount :P But I forgot to bring my card RAWR!!



Quote from a comment I saw in

Well, sounds true to me.

Went to school and finished up the choral speaking performance.
After that, to mamak with Kritz, Josh, Tiong Hsien and Hau Nung.
Ate roti tissue while waiting for my mom. Thanks for waiting with me lols!

Totally KO-ed after I'm back from school.
I don't know why am I so tired.
Never do anything today also ... Weird ......

Add Maths seems fun, but nah, still don't like :D

28 March 2009 ahh !!
Wanna come? :D
Everybody is invited LOL.

Random food I ate at Jogoya that day o.O

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