Monday, March 9

rawrzxzxzxcxz !!!

I think I'm gonna go crazy now .. Figures are sucking my life and soul lulz. No joke !! Nobody believes that I suck in maths == Maybe my looks are just too deceiving :D There's lotsa thing to think about, haunting my brain :( I feel like controlling the damn time lah. It's slips through your fingers so fast that you wouldn't realize. When you do, it's too late :(

I can't wait for the holidays to come !! Like seriously, I'll stuff myself in my cozy warm bed and enjoy the remaining days *sounds like dying lulz* *touchwood!!* BUT I CAN'T !!!! Darn. There's piano waiting for me, homeworks, tuition .. studies == PLUS After the holidays, I'll be living a life of a zombie :( Got my own reasons, can't tell for the time being xD Being lifeless now. Mom said, be lifeless now and enjoy in your future lulz. I hope I still know how to enjoy life that time xD

New exam formats are so killing leh, I don't like form 4, I don't wanna turn 16.. yet. I suddenly don't feel like growing up == AHHHHH !! Essay essay essay, I ALWAYS HATED essays. Especially when you're outta ideas == Brain juice all dried up :( Now I hate Chinese essay also, stupid format. I don't think I'll be good in it, say bye-bye to highest chinese marks! lulz.

definitely not now ... that's why waiting for holidays !!
rawrszxczxz !!

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