Friday, March 13

Black Friday...

... again.

Currently eating keropok! Yum ~ ~ ~

Well, nothing really bad happened.
Just that the random toilet gate thingy was locked ==
And it's raining, so needa walk a LONG way to the OTHER toilet ._.

Hui Teng slept over yesterday night ..
Kinda studied in front of her lol.
It's weird studying in front of a friend xD

Had Physics test.
Kinda ... started understanding the whole formula thing ...
But ... still don't like it ==
Especially the graph thing :(
I wonder how much will the marks be :P

Got back English and Chinese results ...
Full marks for English :D and ... 2nd highest for Chinese lols. (only that 1 mark!! zzz)
I still don't knoooooooow how to write the formatted essay !! RAWR !!
Need to use PROfessional words and stuff ==
Just scrape through this time sigh.

Now, of all HORROR !!
BIO marks ... is still UNKNOWN !! zzzz.
But, I got a very baaaaaaaaa-add feeling about it :D

Holidays starting tomorrow!!
Or should I say Sunday? ==
Still needa go back to school to perform the choral speaking stuff ......

And this holiday will be packed with homework ==
Add Maths, Chemistry, Chinese, and most of all ....... HISTORY !!!!!!
Gosh, the test this time isn't based on the real SPM Format ..
So, still cannot know our real standard :( :(

Oh well, still need to enjoy holiday to the most right?
The next holiday will be in June!!! Mid Year Break ...
SIGH .........

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