Wednesday, March 25

Days ago ..

*burp* *ahhh~*

Just finished dinner :D
Nothing better than a happy stomach lol

Now I'm full and satisfied, let's start the story :D

4 days ago,
We sent our maid back!
I don't know why, but after sending her back, I felt relieved.
Although there will be house chores waiting for me, I don't really mind!

Everybody started to plan and sort things out ;)
Ordered "bao huo shi" for dinner so there's no worries in cooking :P
Lunch, have it opposite school. *barf* ;x

2 days ago,
Everything started to be busy~
Busy dao, I even forgot it's the 3rd anniversary of my home sweet home :D
Wow, time really flies!

3 days later,
Which is 28 March 2009, will be Earth Hour 2009!
And ...... I'll be having my 'sweet' sixteen party on that day! BD
Nothing much, just a simple BBQ party.
Well, I hope it won't be boring that day ;x
Hopefully everything will be okay .. Sigh ..
We'll be offing the lights too, right? lol

7 days later,
I'll be turning 16 ..
Never thought it'll be THAT fast ..

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