Monday, March 16


I think I'm getting sick.

Yes, really sick punya sick.

Mountains of homework already conquered the whole week of holiday. My god.

  • Add maths
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Accounts
  • Practice piano
  • Piano theory

It's mid March already lah.
Haven't finish all my piano pieces.
I don't know how on earth am I gonna get my diploma cert.
I can't afford to fail. I'm short of time. I hate this.


Anonymous said...

Hey can you teach me how to chane blog skin please...
When I download the blogskin then I go to the edit HTML and its seem to be error.. It wrote >> Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. Why like that 1?? How?teach me please..

-0wner! said...

You gotta revert your classic template down there in ur layout page. Hope this helps you ...

ps; leave your name if you can LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Thanks.I'm Amanda Wong from PJ =)

-0wner! said...

Welcome! :D :D Nice to meet you :) If you're done with your blogskin, leave ur link then I'll go visit~ haha.

Anonymous said...

Sure! Thanks! ^^ Nice to meet you too ;)
But I'm suffering now.
choosing the right blogskin is way too hard for me! And and.. I couldn't find the right one =( I guess I am too fussy already la.. hahaha ==

-0wner! said...

Haha! I always have that problem too. And changing a new skin very mafan ;x Felt like making my own skin but ..... codes are @@ lolz. and LAZY! XD Try simple ones~ and and, i'm waiting ~~ loolz