Thursday, March 12

SPM Results 2009!

Wah, friend's sister got 12 A1 !! Straight A1 !!
I think I can only get this kinda results in my dreams *daydreams*
If nobody invented computer, or create the internet / cyberworld, perhaps ...

Got back Add Maths results today.
Although it's not so satisfying, but it's the mark of my FIRST Add Maths exam.
I shall never get below that cool number mark ever again in Add Maths :D
Let that be the aim xD

All hail the powerful 66% !!

I'm not suppose to be happy with that mark, but nevermind lol.
Do better next time lor :) :) :)

I haven't get to see my paper yet actually -.-
Hope can add marks lah. At least 4 more to get a 7 head lol.

Bio exam was a total dead meat for me ==
I DID THE WHOLE QUESTION WRONG !! Bye bye marks ~ bye bye :D

Chemistry was quite okay, but I don't know how to do the laaaaaaast one.
Maths .........
!@#$%^&*())_!@#$%^&*( !!!!
Kena tipu-ed =______=

Suan lah, now gotta start inserting brain juice for Physics. Something I hate ==

Actually I feel like going Accounts Class ._.
Their life seems to be .. easier and livelier .. is there such word (?)
Science subs are killing me :( why here don't have sub-science :(
It'll be the best choice for me. Sigh.

But then, all I need to do is just to plan my time right?
Good time management then I'll get good results? lulz.
Too simple minded :( :( :( :( :(

I miss my form 3 life.
Or maybe .. primary?
Or maybe .. kindergarten? LOL

Well well, look at this. THE NEW IPOD SHUFFLE !!!
Small dao. Later got various choice of colors also ._.
Technologies now. Sigh.

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