Sunday, March 15

Guan Yin Dan

AKA GuanYin's birthday! :D

As her, "kai lui", woke up early and prayed.
Became a vegetarian for half a day.
Ate the "shou tao" aka the longevity peach, pink pink one?

Went IOI again yesterday night, got Popular bookfair. Nothing much.
Suddenly there's some man shouting very loud ...
Everybody was like .. where where? then rushed out of the bookfair ;x
Including me lol!! Malaysians :P
Then, a woman kena caught by 2 man. Her hands holding 2 handbags...
I was blurred and there's so many tall guys around so I can't really see what happen -.-
Saw dad there too, apparently he knows the whole story lol !!

Maybe the woman stole the bag and wanted to ran out but kena caught by security guards.
Something like that la.

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