Thursday, February 26


It's not a simple world now.
Everything is getting complicated.
Words play an important role.
Use it wisely or get killed by it.

I just wanna make things clear.
Is that so hard?
I just wanna ask some simple questions.
But who knows what people will think.

Who is right?
Who is wrong?
Who can be trusted?
Who is a backstabber?

No one can answer all these.
Wearing a mask perhaps?
But who doesn't?
Even I myself am not sure, who am I.

Smile when you don't want to smile.
Tell white lies.
Aren't these just another way of wearing a mask?

Or am I too pessimistic?
But this is reality right?
You don't even know,
When they will back stab you.
When time comes, it's too late.

Wearing a mask is tiring.
But what to do? I think ..
It's actually another way of self-protection.
A very natural act of human beings.

I hope, there's a day,
Where this heavy mask,
Can be taken off, by somebody ..

** Sorry about the grammar ==
But this is serious, sigh ...
Something inside me is wrong xD
Bye! :D

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