Thursday, February 12

Ohhhh, the pain -.-

Haaaaai~ Stitch-ish way :x You know? Lilo and Stitch? -_-

Woke up morning and felt normal as usual ..
Damn sleepy today. *yawn*
Had Biology's experiment :D :D
Yay! I love experiments :)
Osmosis ..
Experimenting with potato strips. Naish.
Sliced it, add in Sucrose solution .. and wait!
A simple experiment, but I don't mind :)

Many random stuff happened :X
I have the key for everything!
*only some people get what I mean ;)*

Sometimes, it's hard for you to make a decision -.-
Especially when you have the ability to do it, all the stuff you need.. but you CANNOT do it -.-
CANNOT means CANNOT!! Crapppppp..

After walking around school before recess,
Legs starting to get pain.
Starting to feel the whole cramming thing ...
Pain ... Hate to walk up and down the stairs ...
Making the pain .. worse ...

The Chemistry exam yesterday was kinda okay ..
It's hard lah, but there's only numbers there .. so simply divide this multiply that ..
And .. VOILA! You get the answer lol. Well, I HOPE IT IS the answer -.-
I knew how to do the balancing thing ...................
And yet I forgot the formula for what hydrochloric acid -.- (okay I know it's easy -.-)
Wtvs laaaaaaa.

Wouldn't FAIL guaaaaaa.

Cousin bro Joshua Sin kinda "invited" me to his school ..
Becoming a visitor there and follow him around -.-
Experience the life of Int. Sch. ?
See how first la, waiting for holidays ..
Can't really ponteng school ..
Ponteng maths = die.
Ponteng add maths = die.
There's maths and add maths everyday.
Therefore, ponteng school = die = cannot ponteng
Die = Don't understand anything about add maths and maths -.-

Sorry, been doing too many maths these days :)
Chem also need counting ..
Physics lagi ... speechless ._.

So, wait till March punya holidays la! :)

Urgh, I wonder what homework I still needa do.
I really don't feel like doing any of them.
Throw books away, forget homework, let's make the great escape -.-

Time is ticking ..
Without you knowing it's already Mid-Feb.
Valentines Day soon...
Coupled ones, have a nice one.
Single ones, go party like maaaaaad o.O
Thou, I have to stay at home -.-
Baaaaaai~ *stitchy way :x

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