Friday, February 20

No idea.

Feelings .. that can't be explained. Different kinds of feelings, waiting for answers.

I don't really like expressing my real feelings to the web world. Who knows who would be reading this. There's a diary of mine that I can always count on :)

I starting writing since I was standard 4. It's really fun reading back what you wrote when you're at that age. I even finished the whole diary book since form 2. Having a 2nd one now :D

Debate today was a failure for me :) Well I admit laaaa. Noob lol. Guess there won't be a chance next time for me -.-

Sometimes I just hate my smiling face lol. Feel so -_- Bah! And I found that, playing piano is actually a good way to release stress. Well, playing the songs that I know. Not PRACTICING them. Gees. River flows in you piano score rawks! Me !

Tomorrow needa go back school leh. Can don't go mah? I don't have the mood. Movie marathon too, I haven't ask my parents de actually. If I FFK don't kill me ar =x

Sigh .......

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