Wednesday, February 11

Cross Country ; Road Run wtv you call it.

Saw your comment Jay, I'm not actually running for real :P
And I can't get 1st :P Thanks anyway xD

Started the whole thing. Run run walk walk, it was quite a long way.
But the map dont-know-who drew was so short !!
Took photos before leaving, one teacher saw and beh tahan hahaha =x

A teacher joined :O
She's fast I tell you.
Btw, I think her family won in some marathon competition before...
Athlete genes runs in the family xD

Took photos on the way running..
It was a sweaty run, very sweatyyy ..

It's a trial one, just went to warm up myself.
It's been a long time not running like that ..
Sweated like mad cow !!
Lucky the sun ain't that strong :)

BEFORE running *happy and excited face!! lmao*

Ann. *my eyebags !!!!111oneoneone*

Hui Teng.

2 of us.

And started runningggg!

The sky was .. nice.. in a way ..

I took this becos it was nice. Didn't notice lorry on lorry.
Naish colours :P

Some stick by the road full of .. shrooms ..
I mean mushrooms heh!

See the part where the stick is a bit cacat ?
It's the shrooms up there!

I don't feel like posting up people running here.
Even me myself.
Don't care lah :P

AFTER running.

Wah still can smile ._. super tired liao loh ...

Chatted a while before going up class.
Was paying attention to bio ( no tuition lah thats why T.T )..
Suddenly people came and said dentist wanna see us -.-
There goes the hypotonic hypertonic isotonic(eh? sounds like a drink -.-) thing.

Then it was boring ..
But at least there's camera and I took very random photos :)
Anything in class :}

The games boys like -__-

Us againn..

Focus on my purse :P Me <3>

Keychain from I-forgot-who :x

She-Reen's digiman keychain xD

Stuff on my table ..

So whattttt? Using it since Form 3 .. bad for health now right?

Ann's tablee. I likey the feeling :x

Calculator .. i'll need it everyday .. since there's maths class EVERYDAY !! rawrr!!

Aries keychain from dad from Japan :P hanging by my pencilcase :)

I'm tired now .. very tired ... VERY VERY TIRED !! :(
Having Chemistry exam tonight some more ..
Okay, to be exact is this evening -.-
7pm consider as evening?

and SHITT !! I haven't read a thing yet x____X
Moreover teacher said he'll do his best to fail us.
I'm off x_x

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