Thursday, February 26

Choral Speaking!

Wah, almost dead blog! :D
Lazy to update and reply you guys punya tags sorry la okay.

Busy like don't know what these days.
Homeworks, piano, choral speaking practice .. and for goodness sake! No time to sleep weh.
Speaking of choral speaking, I only join once and that was last year's English Holiday Camp.
The whole class of mine is going to represent the school to SMK Bandar Puchong Jaya (A) next Wednesday, which is Chai Yin's birthday xD
Raaaawr! Last minute practice!

Working on a new link.
Actually already worked it out.
Haven't change only :D
Thanks to Fiona! :D
Hope you find you new link quick too! Goodluck :D

Raining everyday
Rain rain rain

And time flies before you know it.
I hate doing something then when you look at the time
"Wah, so fast 6pm liao!"
Before you know it, it's time to sleep ==
I don't like that ==

Readers are dropping drasticly ..
I watch them drop one by one, two by two, three by three each day lols.
I know lah, I didn't make the effort to reply people's tags ==
Padan muka loh.

But I appreciate you guys coming here haha.
Serious okay! :) :) :)

Eye lids getting heavier ......

Wish me luck memorising the whole choral speaking script!!
Frigging 3 pages won't be long right! :D
It's as simple as A B C :O

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