Friday, February 13

DHL Express ...!

Got kinda tired after recess.
Especially Chinese Class.
Don't even have the mood to laugh when the whole class is laughing.
Felt sleepy or mood-less I think ._.

Even when I reached home I don't feel like talking ..
Crappy feeling.

Until I saw this on the table .....

:O Turned at the back and saw it's from Standard Chartered :O :O !!!!

Fragile ..

Slowly open it .. Veins :O ;x

And ..


Inside the parcel. With a letter but don't care :P

iPod Nano Chromatic !! Silver thou ..

Aiyah, free one what do you expect?!!! Rawrrrr!!

Still kinda mood-less cause it ain't the colour I want .. :(

Watching Gem Of Life's last episode !!
Like FINALLY it's going to end -.-
Super long drama.
But I still like Elise ;x
Super yeng in that show!! :D :D
Okay lah! Mood-less. Byee.

and it's ..
Friday the 13th!

1 comment:

Himura Hazezy said...

Free iPod!!! *jealous*
It's iPod Nano rite? Kinda small i think... forgot the actual size... (last time played my friend's iPod Nano)
I want it~!!! ^0^