Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't feel happy today..
No .. NOT because of single and alone during V day -.-
It's after I met the dentist :(

I've been wearing braces since form 1 holidays.
It's more than 2 years ...
And I thought I can take it off before my birthday as a very expensive present that my parents and I give to myself..
Parents because they love me so much and paid for this braces thing.
If X-Rays and surgery are counted in the bill it's almost 6k I think :(
Me myself is because I have to face all the pain !! after tighten them and more.
Finally relief I thought, till the doctor says NO. It still needs fixing ......

And also, she saw some white bulgy thingy somewhere on top of my gum,
Suspected it was a laying tooth of mine growing out......
I was so darn depressed after I heard that ..
After so long and the teeth now is nice enough suddenly got tooth coming out again !?!?!!!

Mouth small is like that de lah.
Mouth small no lips :(
Okay got lips but thin lips -.-

Took X-ray later on and found out there's nothing there-.-
Phantom tooth LOL.

I shall remind myself to rant about something about talking here in the next post -.-
Very irritating rawr!

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