Wednesday, February 18


Yes, it's not been raining for days and the weather is hot like anything.
Then, started raining all of a sudden.
Dark clouds dark sky everything dark dark !!

I have this random conflict in me now.
It's the same old feeling like last time -_-
Well, time can fade this feeling off .. I think :)
A conflict that no one can help, how sad lol

I don't know what to update.
But there's this Chinese Debate thingy for form 4 and form 5 students ._.
I don't even know a single thing about debating omg, like how am I gonna talk for 8 minutes -_-
And "competition" on Friday! ... how?


This is the title.
Supposed to be SPM Chinese Essay hor?
Give some ideas if you guys can :'(
For both sides.
8 minutes ..
So long !!!!

Lazy reply tags ;x

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-JoJo- said...

I bought the Happy package a while ago but I stick to Always The Smartest Choice - Digi.