Saturday, April 18

Kites! Skies!


They rhymed! Hahaha -.-
Kites flying in the sky seems like a symbol of freedom, but it isn't.
There's still a string controlling them at the back. Sigh.

Blue sky and orange painted house seems to match.

Yes, I like blue skies~
I went cycling around the neighbourhood with a camera in hands.
Snapped some photos around.

Everything seem so calm ~

Sometimes I wonder how clouds are formed.
They're different every day, or they're changing every SECOND!
Just like humans do? I wonder ...

Sun rays

It's getting hotter and hotter without rain these days.
Reminds me of the "FIRE DRILL" yesterday.
It was like SO DAMN FREEAAAAKING HOT, under a 9.40am sun!
Everyone stood in that shadeless field.
Sun rays piercing the skin, sweat like mad cow. Sheesh!
Saw a form 5 girl almost fainted, imagine that hot-ness!

Bamboo leaves rawks!

Yes, I love bamboo tress.
Panda food :D :D
They just gives me this calm feeling :D

A boy who thinks he's cute/lengzai/handsome/shuai.

That was a candid shot.
Went cycling with him and he made me fall from the bike -.-
Lucky there's no major injuries that will cause scars again.
I already have enough scars with me :)
They sure are something to keep your memory fresh.


Now thats real freedom?
I don't really know, what's the definition of freedom?
Do we actually have freedom? I wonder .. again -.-

Bird house?

Just a random photo that I like :)
The feeling of it in the center of no where ..
So .. lonely ..
Waiting for it's owner to come home.
Just like, parents waiting for their children ..


Thank you Thomas Edison for inventing light bulb after 99 times of failure.
It's a great invention!! :)


Look carefully and you can see a small star.
It's the Sun. It will shine through any small space, as long it'll bring brightness to everyone.
Should appreciate it :)

This is just random :)

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-JoJo- said...

Your photos are great. Are you a professional photographer?