Friday, April 17

Half post of Pusat Sains Negara

rawr! i just like this lolz. thanks tabbie xD

Wooot, went on a school trip/class trip :D
It's a mixture of fun and boring, but mainly FUN! :D

Leave school at 8am I guess, took us an hour or so to reach National Science Centre, somewhere around Mont Kiara I think .. At first it was like damn boring, then, suddenly kept taking photos, suddenly had random talks. Well, I forgot what we were talking. Laughed a lot too I THINK -.-

After the hectic traffic jam and YAY! We FINALLY reached the final destination - NSC. ;x Went in, put bags aside, walk into "fish aquarium" then Jungle, lift, up, some cooooooold roooom. Then some professor (i forgot his name :x) gave us some talk about Genetic Engineering stuff. Was blur all the way, so didn't really understand what is he talking about. Oh well, something to do with genes!

Attend some opening ceremony of Creativity & Innovation Week, 15 - 21 April 09
More info here!
They displayed many stuff that are made from bamboo, there's buildings, bridges, and instruments too! These are what architects do rite? =x

Creative *envy*

Fuyoohh! ;x

While having fun inside different sections of the science centre, some of us were informed to have our refreshments. Their fried mee was nice! (ate 2 plates) Curry puff too (ate 2 also) heh! Tried calling Kritz, but no answer and kept flying into voice mail, so dont want call liao -.- After Hang Yang reached them, food already habis LMAO

btw, their milo dont LOOK like milo o.O? never take a photo of it -.- nvm.

Continue exploring the science centre after that.
Took random photos. Share some of them first lah! :P

Homunculus statue! :P

Nose flute, damn cool!!

LMAO. First heart, now intestine? :P

Nice right?? :D

The astronomy part was damn cool!! I like horoscopes :D :D
Starry skies are so beautiful ~

*I still haven't get the photos from Chai Yin !!!

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