Sunday, April 26

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang 2008

Woah, damn tired !!
Lazy to elaborate much.
The whole thing was not that bad (quote from Kritz) lol.
The only thing I wonder is, did all the parents went for the Pameran? :(
The Science subjects pameran was damn nice! (I did some for Chem. LOL)

After speeches and speeches,
Singing performance, choir and more,
We finally get our prizes!
With cash RM80 ! $$ Lolz.

Nothing to share, but photos that my parents took..
Thanks a lot!! :D

Click to enlarge for clearer photos =x


Hau Nung! 1

Hau Nung! 2

Kritz! 1

Kritz! 2


Yours truly, (you wouldn't wanna know what I said lol)

Yours truly! 2

Chai Yin!


Tiong Hsien!




Fat chubby face =="

I find this funny .. notice their fair dark fair dark fair skin tone? ;x

Eh! Why no look at camera :O lol

Lai lai, smileeee LOL.

Candid 1

Group photo.

Candid 2

Me(in lab coat lolz) and the periodic table with the help of all friends!

Another one of the Dalton and JJ Thomson, history of atom stuff.

I wanted to take more in the Chemistry Bio pameran :(
Time and dad doesn't allow me sigh.
Should have stayed back D:
Never mind! :)


(it's an empty sijil! haha) we got the real one anyway ;x

:D :D :D

If you want the original photos (without watermark)
You can reach me thru msn :)


Kritz said...

eeeeek =.=

-JoJo- said...

Why censored your mouth? Pic doesn't show any words XD