Friday, April 24



I randomly came across this. 4 years ago. 12 yrs old?!?!!

OH MY TIAN !!!!!!!
Aint I adorable? HAHAHHAHAHA
Fine, I wonder anybody still remember that teeth of mine. Before braces .. Hmmm ..
That was taken in my grandfather's house in Sik, Kedah before it was demolished.
Sigh ~ I miss there, it was a mini market ..
I used to eat free sweets and snacks whenever I go back :(
I used to help my grandfather to collect money ..

Got chickens at the back :( They laid eggs :(
I like to chase them around .. Feed them ..
My dad would bring me around in my grandfather's motorbike.
To a temple, to the river with buffaloes ..
Enjoying the smell of kampung ..

Very cold at night, bugs coming out, flying around.
NO, I dont miss that.
Sleeping on the floor with mattress.

Woke up by the rooster's wake up call.
Stretch body, went out and smell the fresh air~

Whenever it rains, there's always a risk of being flooded.
I experienced once, in my Aunt's house, another pekan near Sik.
I think I cried that time. Not sure, memory faded.
I thought I'll be dead that time, the water level was almost at my neck.
I'm still young that time.

Many memories.
Precious memories.


Xjion89 said...

ooo, tat is the true kampung lfe!!!

-JoJo- said...

The small kid is just more adorable than you. :p jkjk.