Monday, November 2

Day 6 of Exams.


This time Physics 3 so dead. 1st time in my life tabulate wrong data until so damn stupid -.- I cannot believe myself, such easy questions also do like crap -.- wtheck la. Feel like killing myself =.= Ahhhhh! D;

Paper 2 still okay, since we did the essay part before .. but structures totally die. Seriously, DIE! Crappy paper T.T Physics die liao .. DEAD D;

But then, there's good news! Wahahaha! When I was totally down after paper 3, Beta classmates told me bout my Chemistry paper 3 marks! Woot! 8D

Surprisingly, whenever I'm down or something, good news come to me :D :D I got 43/50! I'm suppose to score higher =.= Careless mistakes I suppose =.= DAMN ! STUPID COLOUR INDICATOR !!! Oh well, now I'm stressed liao =.= Paper 2 and 1 need get high marks also =.= if not wasted paper 3 de marks LOL =.= Ahhhh!

Okay la, bio tomorrow. Sei ngang jor.

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