Saturday, November 7


Wah, totally in a holiday mood already wahaha!
1st time after exams so syok,
Maybe it's because of this two-week-frigging-long-exams.
Almost everyday slept at 12-1am =.=
Almost everyday also drink Chicken Essence lol :P
Until the very last day of the exam the Chicken Essence are merely useful ady ==

Oh well, last day was Chemistry Paper 2 .. and PJK.

Chemistry paper 2 ............
Speechless la, one wrong all habis =.=
Apala, hard dao T.T

PJK .. used bazooka! Wahahaha!

Then FREEEE!! Weeee~

But then cannot go back home first, still got chinese class D;
Oh well, got back paper 1 results :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Actually the marks teacher gave really like a bit .. too high ahhaha =x
but nevermind =D

got 90/100 :D :D :D :D
2nd time!!
1st time was form 1 de 1st test hahaha =.=
Know jor so happy hahaha
but then Paper 2 .......... sure die de la. SIGHHH..

BTROC aka Beyond the Realm of Conscience !! It RAWKS WAHAHA!

and Rosy Business aka RB too!! WOOOOT!!


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