Saturday, November 21

Results ; Report Card ..

So yeah, got the final year exam results ..
The final exam in year 2009.

Thanks to HooiSze for fetching me to school, signing some documents and taking my results ..
I saw my placing in class .. I got 1st place lol.
I thought I can have a surprise on Friday but ..
Chem teacher kinda told our results in fb already LOL.

Never thought that it was true as I was only aiming for the 3rd place lmao.
Verryyyy bigg competition *brrr* Stressful xD
Oh well, 2nd time! :D :D

Went for lunch with HS in Sunway ;D
Not bad, at least no more porridge hahaha.

Ohkay ..
I'm kinda lost of words this few days.
Don't know why ._.

This is getting booooooring -_-