Thursday, November 26

Kwong Siew Association Incentive Award Ceremony

*ignore me wahaha*

SOOOO.. I went to KL for the incentive award ceremony thing (IN MY SCH UNIFORM)
Went up the stage for like .. 3-5 times -_-
I'm not really sure whether they're calling my name because maybe there's ppl havin the same name as I do ... then my grandpa (he's one of the committee member sitting infront) was like ..


Oh maaannn, paiseh dao -_-
Then the 3rd and 4th time i think also like that LOL. Gaaahhh!
Until the MC also say " wah, take until "hand soft" (in chinese) hor" -_-
Zhadou LOL.

Me; ehh, this is not my name ..
Lady; oh ya, *gives another envelope* but sry ah, last name typed wrong
Me; ==" okay okay ..

Until the end where the uncle forgot to ask me to give my speech (i was relief for a sec)
Then my grandpa went .. "Thank you speech from student ah! Haven't give speech!!"
My whole world went down ... DOWWWNNN BENEATH THE EARTH'S CRUST !!!

MC announced : "Okay, hold on a sec peeps, let's give a hand to blablabla for a speech!"

Oh my oh my, I'm dead I'm dead lol. So basically, I just tried to give the speech slow and steadily (because I can talk quite fast at times -_-) .. and after the speech, I forgot whatever happened on the stage -_- except for my trembling hands .. abit like stage 14 of earthquake lol. Thank guan yin ma that my voice wasn't shaky -_-

After I finish the last two words .. which is "Thank You", the MC came and shook my hands .. I think it wasn't that bad (?) BAAAHHHH. Then I think the MC seemed amused or something, asked which school I went and stuff .. too bad I ain't studying in any famous school and my chinese ain't that good .. Once again, looks can be deceiving LOL.

For scoring 8A's

For scoring A for Chinese
*lmao at my expression*

For scoring As for 3 language.

*still got one more i forgot is for what lol*

And lastly, me giving the speech T.T
wah, my hands shake dao blur liao? hahahha lol.

After all the stress-ness, me and mum went SHOPPING !!!
Roamed around Petaling Street, bought MuaZi/Mazi that an old lady selling de.
Very kind of her to belanja us a few of her Mazis LOL.
Drank the oh-so-famous-luo han guo drink. :9 :9

Even went Popular, heard my mum said it was the largest store (?)


Then entered lotsa wholesale store, where they sell bags, accessories at a cheaper rate ..
Bought a new bag and necklace :) Love it Love mom too hahaha :D Thanks for buying :D

After leaving the LAST SHOP, I was already so damn exhausted !!
Plus the weather is getting more and more HOT ! GOSH.
I can feel the sun rays piercing thru my skin T.T

On the way back, I was bored ..
Then I saw a camera ..
So .. I .. took random photos !! LOL ==

Good Niteeee! Have a nightmare! :D xD

LOLOLOLOL *not a fan of football, MU haters dont kill me xD*

Any idea where is this? Hehehe 8D

I just realize that there's a lot of coconut trees .. hmm..

PUTU MAYAM !!!! (i ate once and forgot how it tasted like)


After taking all the random stuff, I have nothing to do ..
So .. I perasan-ted abit .. together with my mum wahahaha lol.

She's driving but I didn't care LOL.
Just snap only la, tried hard to get closer to mom without removing the seatbelts -.-
Very very hard okay. Then moved around, got lower and stuff to fit my big head and mum's head into the camera lol.

Wow, can see reflection of my hand in mum's shades :O xD

Finally, the red light hahaha.

Alrightttt, back home about 5pm.
Cooked rice, watched drama, took bath, took nap..
About 6.15pm woke up, eat dinner, cleaned up abit ..


GOSHHHH, I kept yawning in class.
Felt like lying down on the table but was sitting on the 1st row ==
Tired like freaking shit.
Then physics was a lil bit better, but brain juice almost dried up ==
Converting graph is hard, quite hard .. okay la ==

Reached home, wanted to sleep but can't =.=
Turned around, off the radio, and forced myself to sleep =.=
Very torturing LOL.

Conclusion: Yesterday was a hectic day. :D

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