Tuesday, November 24

Sunway UC

Received this letter ..
This reminds me of .. I'm going to college in .. 2 years time .. D;
I'm one-third excited, one-third sad, one-third BLANK.
I opened the letter and saw the programs they had for the Open Day ..
Those talks and stuff ..

There's a list of courses that you can take ..
I read thru .. but .. I don't even know what's my interest ._.

Well, I think it's because I have too much interest ..

I can do this, I can do that .. but I dont know what I like most -_-
Oh, I know, sitting in front the computer and do nothing.
Wasting my time, rusting my brain ==

This reminds me of .. I haven't answer a question that my friends had asked me long time ago hahaha. Oops! :P
What that I know is, I won't be a doctor, an engineer, or anything that is related to both BIOLOGY and PHYSICS field. I seriously DISLIKE both of this. ESPECIALLY PHYSICS HOMAIGAWD. damn killing!! and .. I scored the lowest for physics among the 3 science subjects HAH! Expected :P

So .. any ideas? xD

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