Sunday, November 1


It's been a long time since I had an inspiration to do something.
Was studying a lil of bio and I can't withstand the temptation of the computer.
Went to a site and checked something out.

I fell in love with it instantly.
But yet, I have to resist ..
Till the very end of the exams.
I must ......

I just hope that my inspiration won't be gone by the time exams end =.=
I really really liked it, in some way ..

Anyway, it's Sunday already.
Exams will continue the next day.
Oh, I'm so excited wth =.=

Physics Paper 1 - 3 ..
I think I'll die .. seriously, Physics is the 2nd subject I hate most =.=
Then Tues Bio 1 - 2, GREAT, Bio is famous for brain power..
I need to stimulate my brain's neuron somehow =.= memory getting bad =.=
Bio is slightly better than History because it's in English but ..
It's still the same la, the terms is killing =.=

I wanna continue this but .. don't say till so far first ..
I'll sleep now. Nights!


1 comment:

-JoJo- said...

Even life's suck but don't die for ur paper XD

Got so many foods and leng zai out there!