Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

It's the end of October already!! Five frigging days of exams had past! I'm STILL ALIVE! COOOOOL! But I look rather exhausted and the word VERY TIRED is printed on my big face LOL but ain't giving up ....... YET ._. Who knows how long I can stand this lol. I'm actually feeling kinda sick already, maybe it's my mental strength that is stopping it from happening (?) Haha xD

Time flies eh? I'm still happy bout yesterday despite history exam was going on and maths results was out :D I don't care :) I don't know why, but I often remember the happy stuff instead of dwelling about the sad or should i say, unhappy events. What for right? :D

The exam will end anyway and what is done is done. Do better next time lor, :D I'm still very happy about my Chinese Essay though I know it wasn't SPM standard. I know, my essays are never good. Compare to some of my primary friends .. actually, I can't even compare .. nothing to compare at all .. This isn't happy lol, forget bout it :P I'll still try my best la, i really need to improve on my essay writing == Grammar all wrong D;

On top of that, we finally got our Pizza Hut's NIE Voucher! 2 vouchers in total!! Let's go celebrate after exams! Haha xD but I dislike Pizza Hut == I kinda boycotted for 1 1/2 years (?) Dominos is much much more better :P

I already feel the excitement after exams! Hoho, not good, because this means I don't feel like studying :P :P

Bought magazines :D
Loads of them waiting for me to read..
Can't touch them yet ...
Lalalala~ Off to study Physics and Bio D; Byeeee!



I'm done with th Sejarah answers ..
*highlight to read cos maybe some of you don't even wanna know*


some not sure de, if wrong inform me ya! :D

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