Saturday, October 17


Bro kena food poisoning agaaaaaaain. Don't know why, this yr he macam very weak >_> Maybe it was yesterday's dinner (?) But I nothing wor *choi* lol. Told him not to eat the YongTaoFoo Shop one laaaa. Haiyoh, either eat HorPor or Bitter gourd soup mai good lor ;x

Went to Giant and stocked junkfood/tidbits/foooood for this short holiday! Can't stop munching food leh, itchy mouth xD I know it's not healthy .. maybe I should stock carbohydrates stuff, at least it'll make me full (?) energized (?) wth. Felt like sleeping all the time :O

Saw the pink rubik that Hui Teng was talking about, not bad luh. Then went to bookshop and saw 2010 planner! Wah, so fast out already, got one about environment de, quite nice :O Was on the way going out to find dad, & saw the QJ's 5x5, both tiled and sticker :O rm59.90 leh. Tiled de quite smooth but can't try the sticker one == haven't open.

Nothing much lah, anyway .. SEAWEEEEDDDDD ;D

oh btw,

Happppyyy Deepavali yo!

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