Wednesday, October 21

Timetable is FINALLY out!

Currently feeling: Stressed D;

This is a total piece of crap, I take back my words, I rather they'd not distribute the timetable now, which is today .. can't they just keep it to themselves? I know sharing is caring but I dont mind D;

Surprisingly, the exams are only 2 weeks! Wow, coool !! Starts on 26th of Oct and ends on 6th Nov. Then I'm FREEEEEEEEE from BOOOOOOOKKKKKSSSS 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D

*pauses awhile and thinks RATIONALLY*

Ehhhhh waaaaaaiitt, hold on a sec, doesn't this mean that Form 4 life is going to end and I gotta buckle up for next year's SPM (?!?!?!?!) Nuoooooooooooooo!! This can't be true, I'm going to be 17 next year?! Then graduate and go to college?! I never thought that it'll be so soon .... .... ....

I wished to grow up so much those days but now, I actually wanted to stay at where I am, sigh.

Think on the bright side, I can learn undang this year end and drive next year! *starts to dream* lol.


Had a chat with TeeBH after everyone went back and left me and him. Talked about those days in Form 3 when there's no stress and we really did have lotsa fun at the back of the class with loads of junk food (supplied by JY) and also without any conflicts and stuff. Although there's tonnes of exams, we're still having fun! (okay, not to say i'm not having fun this year .. but the whole ... thing .. is very different .. for me .. .. . ) Both of us agree bout that hahaha. Random chats -_-

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