Monday, October 12

Museum of Asian Art, Universiti Malaya

Yay! School trip again~
This time is to Muzium Seni Asia @ University Malaya.

I dont know if it's just coincidence or what .. but whenever there's a school trip, it rains D:
With the windows full of rain drops blurring the view
We decided to take photos inside the bus instead!

Yay! Photo-taking session~ Lol

Yours truly with Michele~~

And again~~ xD xD

Finally after random borrowing handphones and sending stuff session, we reached our destination~

Museum of Asian Art !!!!!

We walked in the rain up the hill to the museum, so romantic leh hahahah xD

Stuff that remained after the bombing at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

A wall clock - frozen in time when the bomb hit Goto City in Nagasaki, Japan.

Tree of peace~

I was kinda editing the photos then my brother saw this!
It's bout a girl named Sadako Sasaki who was born in Hiroshima and she had leukaemia. Another victim of the atomic bomb .. She started folding a thousand paper cranes hoping that she can make a wish :( There's even a statue of her holding a golden crane in the Hiroshima Peace Park ..

-From my brother's English Textbook LOL

Hope is the last thing that we lose.

Pretty paper Cranes~

Hanging on the tree of peace~

Yours truly with ayeenz ;)


Friendssssss ;D

My folded paper crane! Taught by Mr. AHN!

His other students LOL. xD

I like this :) Message of peace! But then, I saw some random person wrote "Hail Hitler!" wtf.

Me and Shu Qiong with gongs lol.

Bronze drum (??)

My form 3 sejarah teacher!! Much more better than current one ==

I dont know why we keep taking with the instruments LOL oh well~

Random elephant like statue.

After taking random photos, the talk started .. It's all about Nuclear Energy and nothing but the pros of Nuclear Energy ..


The Professor ....

Uranium is renewable ..
Nuclear energy makes no harm to environment ..
Errr.. so contradicting leh, those people in Japan last time was cause by evil effects of atomic bomb T.T it was sad ... D:
If reactor leak or accident.. nuclear energy definitely more than devastation and .. uranium isn't renewable leh .. (don't know, googled only ;x)
I guess, it's just that we need very little of them to produce a great source of energy, so we wouldn't use it all up that fast? Oh well~~

The mic infront of me .. Took it outta boredoom.

Random poseeeeeeee ;x

See, I told you I don't know why we keep takin with instruments XD

LOL! Told ya :P I think it's because there's nothin much there ;D

KM, Mic, CY~

WAAAHH, act cute :P :P :P :P and AHN super qian da, polluted the whole pic hmpf!
Mic camera girl.. LOL

AHN less q-d mode, plus Mic :D

:D :D :D

Before going back still wanna take lol.

4 of us again!! I know you're getting bored of our faces ..........

With Kama and Blake. o.O

Then went back to school~

Waited till 2.30pm =x
Troubled few person =x =x heh.

That's all, can't remember ==
will upload to facebook .. sooon .. soooon .. lol

ps; some picts taken by mic, cy, ayeenz phone's, tth cam .. just crediting :P

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Evelyn Chang said...

all ur pic edit till so niceeee (: i so lazy to edit mine. hmm icic =) err jennifer's body a? i think is end of oct la~ i oso got finals =/ maybe watching after finals ba~ heheee. lol thks~ next time when u go to college,got presentation time sure got chance to wear formal. haha. ohh and wear more la that spec,shoo nice =)