Friday, October 30

Day 5 of Exams!

Waaaahhhhhh, you know what, I actually can finish part A of paper 2 Sejarah hahahaha. Okay, I wrote whatever crap I know, it's quite okay la, since tips is given :O Paper 2 lagi funny hahahaha. Everything the tips listed came out, wow! I just hope the way that teacher marks it is loose, I'm not sure -_- my mid-yr I thought it was correct but :/ oh well :D


Was so freaking sleepy, I guess the Chicken Essence didn't work this time (hmmm) Maybe I was really both mentally and physically tired, so I took a few naps xDD

Recess teacher "showed" us our Maths paper 2 .. Okay ................ Actually it's predictable lah sien == Crappy paper xD

History paper 1 used sniper and headshot all the questions woot! Till now 5 not dead(means wrong la wtf) -_- They better stay dead and not revive wth! LOL

After finish exams thought can go back de, because itu CKW say can go back .. wadde -_- mana tau just before carrying the bag .. Teacher walked in ........................ Ahhhh! But I received a GOOD NEWS (for me la) from teacher hehehehe xD

Teacher: "Bout you guys de paper 1 hor .. I already finish marking the essay part ........ "


Teacher: "A few of you not bad eh .. I "THINK" I gave the highest mark to .........."

*started praying in heart already!!! pray pray pray pray pray pray amitabha guan yin pu sa*
**maybe not so kua zhang, i was just hoping it was me la ;x**
***whhaaat? who doesn't wanna get high marks right :D***
****if couldn't get then suan lor, (just like my mid-yr lol)****


Teacher: " Jia Min Tong Xue .. "

*big wide smile hehehehe :D*

*then praise* =x

I was in heaven liao hahahahaha. Not to boast or what la okay T.T It was really my feeling that time. =x But then not only me la, others also did well :D Mine won't be the highest, my part A sure will kill me one, gerenti (learn from bio teacher xD) punya. Sighh D:

Class continued .. suddenly a young woman appeared! It's LYS so-called 18-yrs-old de mother :D (She looked young la, thats why xD) She received a call saying that her son being kidnapped/beaten-up (not sure) so she rushed to school @__@

LYS is sitting in class safe and sound! LOL evil people wanting money pfft! Dangerous society lol

Okay la, really tired, need sleep :P

ps; 5 MORE EXAM DAYS TO GO!!!!!!
pps; i came back, mom at home, she said i looked terrible LOL
ppps; next wk all crazy subjects ah!
pppps; comments reply after exams :P
ppppps; i haven finish the sejarah answers yet, see how la :P

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