Tuesday, October 20

Why Do I Hate This ==

i am so friggin excited to go back to school tomorrow! oh c'mon, staying at home during holiday facing the computer is so very the boring kan? agree?

AGREE and I'll chop off YOUR HEAD

i am not excited at all and facing the computer during holiday is much much MUCH more better and more interesting than facing the smelly thick ewwy books and homework in school! NOW YOU HAVE TO AGREE WITH ME ON THIS! I DONT CARE because i dont wanna chop off your head wtf lol.

this news lagi exciting weh! exams next weeeekk! oooo.. next week .. and we friggin haven't got our timetable yet! YES!! another excuse for not studying weeeeeeee~ how come form 4 life is coming to an end in such a .. lightning speed D: i have form 5 phobia already == i wanna quit spm. T.T

ohkay, i think maybe it's the weather or what, it's driving me crazy ahhhh!
enjoy school tomorrow, T.Tv

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