Thursday, October 15

Freaking Net ==

I think something's wrong with the internet or is it only me? Mozilla Firefox is slower than usual and I have to use Internet Explorer == It's not like I dislike IE it's just that .. MF is simply better imo xD

Holiday *again* How come I got a feeling that this holiday wouldn't be a holiday? Gahhh! It's like this year's holiday is more than the past few years but it's still isn't enough -.- Whyyyyyy ..... WHYYYYY must time be so cruel T.T

Been watchin an "old" singaporean drama, gooooo fann wong! and jeanette aw too LOL. But fann wong is simply the best singaporean actress, not to forget she's pretty too 8D

What else .. School's been dull, nothing happening .. cos school just started for 2 days and it's back to holiday lol.

Something happened between a friend of mine and another friend .. Sometimes I just don't understand how people take *ahem* so .. lightheartedly, flippantly ; whatever you call it .. If you're really into it, please make your commitment to it. Otherwise, you're really wasting time, money and maybe losing others .. too. Well, I just simply don't understand :D

Went to Breena's birthday dinner party this Tuesday,
Pictures are still in my cam, not much ..
Gave her a USB Drive, unexpected reaction from her LOL.
Not bad, had laughs and stuff, HAPPY SWEET 16 Breena!!

14/10/09 -


aka. Chou Vivian xD xD

&& Evil Viaaan ;x ;x

Sorry that it's been a belated post D:
But I still remember you dedicated your first birthday post to me hahaha xD
Anyway, hope you're doing well now and, enjoyed your birthdayyyyy :)

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Yourblogfan said...

Sorry, I don't understand. What do you mean by *ahem*? Can you please elaborate?