Monday, October 26


I know I shouldn't be here but I just can't help it heh!
I know people wouldn't be reading this too because they're too busy studying! Muahaha!
How bout me? Don't I need to study too? But .. Oh well :P

I wanted to blog yesterday de lor!

Seee! I had the materials LOL. My phone with my keychain :D (Aries rawks ftw)

Gave up since I haven't really study for BM and was cramming it whole day.
Gosh, I've never been that hardworking I tell you xD

Hope my hard work .. pays off (?)
If it doesn't .. I'll just have to .. work more harder? Omg, I hate that -_-

Had 2 BM papers today!

BM 1 - okay .. I used some of the peribahasa(s) I learned ... hope I used it correctly haha ;x write write write write like nobody's business only -_-
BM 2 - write write write write write write till gila 'cause some don't even know wanna write what -_-

Now let's see what this 2 papers had done to my newly(yesterday -_-) bought pen.






*this is to show my dad why am i buying so many pens in a year lolz*

Wthhhhh! How many pens do I need eh? Still got 9 more exam days!!
And .. when you're in upper secondary .. YOU NEED TO WRITE LIKE CRAZY ; UNTIL YOUR HAND ROTTTTTT in almost all the papers. Only a few are objective papers T.T

Treasure your tembak-ing moment T.T
I miss it a lot T.T

Okay, time to study Bio Paper 3, tomorrow mampus!
BI .. err .. hope essay part easy ;x Broken english here! :P

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eLmo said...

sabar for 1 more year la! when you enter college, no need use pen de la. you only need to use computer to type :D