Wednesday, October 28

3rd Day of Exams.

I don't know how long can I stand this.
On the brighter side, 7 days more!

I've been drinking Brand's Chicken Essence this 2 days -_-
It works you know, I didn't really felt sleepy but still ..
I think I should stop -_- later my body get used to it then I'm dead.

So .. Today was Maths and Chinese..

Chinese Paper 1 - DAMN! I think I made a few mistakes in the first section where you need to write formal letters -_- Doubt I'll get good marks for it -__- hope to score in the essay part. 1st time writing factual .. not bad .. hope my points are enough T.T teacher cannot just kill my confidence in writing factual essays like that T.T

Maths 1 - Easy like freaking shit but then got careless mistake. SHIT! It's like so careless that I could kill myself now LOL

Maths 2 - Hard like freaking shit. Ok la, a few questions -_- Hope it's correct T.T anyway, got one wrong already pfft, ASTC I HATE YOU!! DAMN D;

Tomorrow Moral paper and Chemistry Paper 3
Yay! Finish memorizing nilai(s) yesterday, needa refresh a lil and read the friggin text book.
Gosh D;

Chemistry -_- Chapter 6 Electrolysis like crap weh, so many experiments -_-

Shit Friday History, might as well kill myself that day -_-
Haven't reeaaaadddd ahhhhhh D; *emos* (-.\\)

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Sky said...

haha i oso hate ASTC...