Thursday, October 22

STM ahhhhh!

Short Term Memory wtf you sucks -_-
How am I gonna study if I have this prob D;

Nothing happening today, very tired again, eyes actually wanted to close lol.
Kept reading the History reference book brought by JiaYu hoping that the notes will actually go inside my friggin small little brain but sadly, it didnt -_-

Why on earth must we study History la, it's the hardest thing to get into my puny little brain. It just hates me, and my brain -_- daaarn you history!

Then it's Moral class, had a shock 'cause teacher suddenly spot-checked our powerful brains to see whether we still remember all the sub nilais/definisi or not. Fortunately, we don't remember LOL. Yes, fortunately wth :P Started memorizing like a freak ;x hmm .. not bad ==

Recess time!

Add Maths time! Teacher gave revisions .. as usual ..

*takes paper*
*finds pencil case*
*puzzled, can't find o.o*
*finds around again*

WTFROG! REALLY cannot find!!!

*gives up T.Tv*

Teacher wasn't in a good mood after giving us back our Maths revision paper .. (althou i got full marks :P of cos with discussion la ;x) so didn't dare to ask for permission to go out to find oh-so-important pencil case in Beta class (might have left there aft Moral) -_- borrowed Michele's stuff .. (sharing eraser and calculator is so hard lol) Thanks a lot!!

Wasn't in a good mood too since I don't know whether my pencil case is safe or not, PLUS Add Maths is so horrible, especially the freaking graph and locus. Kept luan luan lai in those equations and stuff pfft, betul betul no mood la.

*no mood-ing*
*do add maths completing the square-ing
*no mood-ing
*do add maths circle-ing
*no mood-ing*
*do add maths locus-ing

Suddenly, Dexter came in holding something very familiar :O :O :O and before he can finish his sentenced I already raised up my hand with full joy wtf srsly very happy that time hahaha. mood suddenly brighten up yay! Thanks dude :P

And yes, that's what you get for having STM D;
I really gotta be more alert la sighhhh D;

Shit weh, History really no tips meh. D;

That YOU-KNOW-WHO(SH.S.T.Rh), didn't even bothered to come into our "place". Like srsly, I'm not lying or what but she's standing opposite the "building" and talking to "someone" next to our "place" and then standing along the corridor talking to another "woman". She actually passed by our "place" de lor, how hard for her to take a few steps and talk a few sentences -_- I know liao la, kecil hati la, she know we all hate her so she's doing back the same to us la -_- evil YOU-KNOW-WHO pfft!! I despise you woot!

Oh to those who left comment, sorry ya I won't be able to reply D; I'll reply ASAP after my exams (?) LOL Keep the comments coming :x thanks ya! I appreciate it :DDD But then leave your name la :/ So fun being an Anon meh ._. ;x


Dinner: I think I swallowed a fish bone wtf.

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