Sunday, October 11

Last Friday!

notebook somewhere on my cupboard :D

Yay! We're back to our own classes after Add Maths lesson!
We "tumpang-ed" 2Alfa on Wednesday because PMR is going on and they had to clear our block D:

Frankly speaking, 2Alfa was very .. messy .. dirty .. full of rubbish ;x
Okay, so did some work that teacher gave and I was too sleepy and felt a bit of headache ..
So, loosen my hair a bit and started snoozing away~~~~~~~

Woke up and felt a leeeeetle bit better ...
Continued and finished physics paper 1!

Then I forgot what happen ..

Back to Friday!
We're back!!! Wooot!
Had the longest Add Maths lesson ever I think ..
Teacher taught Form 5 Chapter 1 Progressions :D
Naish, not bad :P :P
But I doubt the following chapters will be fun ==


Doin Progressions :P

Growww longerrrrrrr, GROWWW~ ;x and macam got highlight woooot!

Suddenly, I forgot who but I think it's Arif, he came in with bags of PIZZAs!!
WOOOOOT! Dominos Pizza from biology teacher! :D :D :D
She belanja-ed all of us for doing a good job during her lesson on Monday :D :D
Dominos is so much better than Pizza Hut ;x

Okay .. It cost RM117 weh,

The boys suddenly kena strike by creativeness and decided to make this ....

for LHY our absent friend LOL.

Other friends were crazily competing eating packets and packets of chilli flakes .. without drinking water .. they're seriouslycrazy ==

Somehow, this idea strike the creative boys again and ....


So evil right .. ;x

Ze masterpiece.. me kritz & tth made a special delivery to LHY's house lol.

After school, went to Giant with kritz, tth, lhy, cks for lunch ..
Cos no matter what I'm still going back at 2.30pm D:
Sorry for always troubling you peeps ;x ;x
Thanks to tth's driver for fetchin us there and we're almost late cos of cks!! playplayplay ;x
LOLed in the car when kritz started talking bout cks xD xD xD
Then thanks tth's mom for fetching back to school !!

As usual, it wasn't 2.30pm yet, so waited at the restaurant ..
Hui Teng was there!! :D :D :D
She passed me ....

THIS!! :D :D :D Thanks a lot !!

I was expecting this already :P Since she asked whether I wan "K" or "M" the night before :D
Played around with her new cubes ~
1x3x3 leh, macam so hard! ;x

Went home~
Phone rang~
Cousin called~
Coming soon~
Slept awhile~
Doorbell rang~
Woke up~
Open door~
Close door~
Continue sleep~
Bro back~
Woke up~
Saw souvenirs!!

Keychain AGAIN~~~


Not a fan of Liverpool nor football :P
Thanks cousin!!! She went to Liverpool ahhh.
She brought magnets from Scotland, Paris,Rome,Venice and Holland too! :D

Went to eat durian at night with mom and dad~
Bro super hate durian so .. he stayed home :P
NICEEEEEE :9 D24 leh! Lol :P

Okay la, that's all :P
Still working on trip post hehehe..
Busy people is like that de la muahaha! :P

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