Monday, October 19

Freaky Braces Dream

Actually I got this dream quite some time ago, and it really freaked me out, like SERIOUSLY. But then, after some time I kinda forgot about it till my friend, Shu Qiong, suddenly mentioned her weird dream to me. And wth, we got ALMOST the SAME dream!

Those who wore braces will get this dream one isit? Freakily creepy like shit weh. No joke!

Mine was like .. I woke up and I accidentally bit my front tooth (wtf) then a small part of that piece of tooth came off, I even used super glue to glue it back (doublewtf) the nightmare isnt over (!) Later, I felt all my teeth getting weaker and weaker, then fell off one by one (whatthef!) The feeling was so .. real ..... (aiya all dreams also like that lah deng) Walao eh, the feeling was reallllyyyyyyy CREEEEPPYYYY and .. do you know the feeling where your teeth cant feel anything and soon you can't even FEEL YOUR TEETH because all of them had fallen off wtfrog.

That's a very horrible and random dream i tell you, especially after taking off the oh-so-expensive braces then all the teeth fall off. Crappy.

Shu Qiong's dream was more or less the same, including the teeth fall off part and excluding me using super glue part wtf that was really random and I dont know where the heck did i get the idea of using super glue for gluing tooth lol.

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TeethNightmare said...

I don't wear braces but I also have dreams where my teeth fell off and I have to find ice to store those fallen teeth and rush to the dentist for the dentist to put my teeth back. Indeed a horrible nightmare. :(