Saturday, October 10

Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz

Went to dental check-up for my retainers early in the morning.
It was drizzling a bit ..

It was a quick check-up, only 5 minutes!
And the next time I'll be seeing the dentist will be 3 months later ..
It's gonna be NEW YEAR! Wow!

Dad dropped me off at the hair salon and I straighten my freaking hair ....
The outcome - horrible D:
It's always like that after straightening, I'll just have to bear with it D:

HAH! I finished this book today!
I read it while the hairstylist is straightening and waiting for time to pass :P
It wasn't bad, maybe because I'm not a picky reader ...

I think it's just another coincidence,
The book mentioned stuffs about Nuclear Reactor and the Stations as well as the Uranium.
Haha, should have finish this when I got the book on Tuesday eh? xD ('cause I had a trip bout nuclear stuff on Thurs)
Workin on the trip post now. Will be up soon :D

Now I have to wait for the 2nd book ==
Must buy from scholastic cos it's cheaper ;x
Maybe after exams I'll hunt the other 4 books down ;x

Many stuffs to update D:
But it's dinner time!
Nothing's more important than FOOD peeps.

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