Saturday, October 17

Miss Astro Chinese International 2009

Katrina in the middle!! xD

Wahhh, just finished watching it just now.
Katrinaaaaa got 2nd aaahhhh, also predicted liao de.
The way she express and answer the questions aint as good as Belle, but she really got the looks!

Oh well, good luck to Belle for representing Msia! :D

Time to sleep,
3 more days of holiday D;
Enjoy ~


eLmo said...

the 2nd right got 2nd runner up right? she's ugly == LOL

Evelyn Chang said...

haha tat game darn funny! LOL LOL LOL I got so stupid to believe them. haha got take picta~but is my fren take de~haha that time rushing back,so din take lor...hehe =) must try that game next time!hahaa