Wednesday, October 7

Dinner with cousins and family @ Restaurant Janbo Bandar Kinrara

Actually I kinda forgot what happen that night since it's last Sunday's stuff. So basically I had dinner with the family of cousins lol. Cousins of 3 different surname, cool :P :P :P

Went to Restaurant Janbo @ Bandar Kinrara/Taman Kinrara me aint sure (hmmm?)
Somewhere near Oldtown White Coffee =_=

Food there not bad ... ... ...
But I think they added quite a lot of MSG? LOL damn thirsty ==

Okay, suckling pig was on the list of menu ..
It came .. cousins and I was kinda making fun of it in some sorta way ..

Then we ate ate ate ..
Wei Jien was the one who started complaining he had a backache ..
Then suddenly .. I had one too ==
Omg, it was awful I tell you.
It's like .. stand cannot, sit also cannot == EAT LAGI CANNOT .. walao eh ..
Damn torturing lah.

So, both of us decided to take a walk around .. and got better after that ..
Went back to continue dinner ,
Cousin sis pulak say she got the backache already LOLOLOLOLLOL

So Wei Jien concluded it was the suckling pig that cursed us wth. lol.

Geez, other people didn't get it pun == evil pig ==

Then talk talk talk
eat eat eat
pay pay pay
laugh laugh laugh

I know we're laughing like mad that day .. but forgot why ==

oh well~

Foo Foo Sin Lee Sin :O lol

Act cute wtf, why aren't they joining me LOL

Me and cousin !! She's back from 10 countries ==

Wei Jien == must put blur one ==
Clear one omg ==

Men in stripes LOL.

Don't remember this ..... Pencai guaaaaaaa or 4 season combination @_@

wah so serious lol.

not nice one == got one weird taste ..

Buddha jump over the wall LOL

heaven's soup *slurpsss*


It's TAILLLLL (weijien ate it lol)

Wah, never see smoke before? lol xD

Evil T.T

Crazy dude. but it's cool xD

Lalalaa~ this was the menu of food that day~~~~

Longevity peachhhhhh (the one monkey king ate LOL)


Yay! Thurs going trip~~~

GOOD LUCK TO PMR-ersssssss!!!!!!!

It'll be over soon .. very sooon ..
how I wish I was back then LOL.

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Evelyn Chang said...

nice spec kar mern! new spec or??