Friday, October 9


Wah I think I got lotsa stuff to update ...
Must list down first .. If not really forget @_@

  • Ate durian by roadside lol
  • Add Maths Form 5 first chapter (today)
  • Went Giant KFC today, tth's driver and mother ..
  • Dominos pizza - pn. lau ..
  • Fake pizza lhy ..
  • Hui Teng's keychain, cousin dropped by keychain and magnet souvenirs
  • Yesterday UM Muzium Seni Asia trip ..
  • Wednesday PMR new classroom
  • Tuesday I think .. Scholastic books ..
  • What else .. can't recall.

Okay, basically I need to update bout these stuff ==
Busy like dunno what ..
Going dental check up tomorrow
I'm dead~~~

ps; yay! can straighten hair tomorrow :P

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