Monday, November 9

RESULTS .. (1)

GOSH!! This is more stressful than sitting for exams ..
Like seriously ..
The feeling when waiting for the teacher to call out your name ..
The feeling when friends one by one being called out to get their papers ..
The feeling when teacher pass the paper to your hands ..
The feeling when the marks pierced into the eyes ..
The feeling when you finally got the results you want (which i didnt -.- only some gua -.-) ..

Wah, it's much MUCH MORE STRESSFUL than just sitting down there for exams =.=

The results back were not bad .. some were .... bad =.=
Cannot score Chemistry already T.T Paper 2 pull down marks .. Sighh ...

Papers distributed -
  • English Paper 2
  • Add Maths 1
  • Maths 1 & 2
  • Chemistry 1 & 2
  • Biology 1 & 3
Gosh, I'm gonna get heart attack sooner or later if this keeps going on lol.
Oh well, HOLIDAY~! Lalalala~

Finished Rosy Business already~
Nice one! I like the ending :D

Next plan - Read - The Westing Game!
Ok la, nites! :P

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