Sunday, May 24

Childhood memories.

Dad found some of the photos that we took very long ago, before my computer went dead for the first time. Almost all memories being swept away just like that. Sigh.
I noticed that I hate to take photo last time == and damn stiff in front of camera. and .. often snare at the camera xD

I miss my hair last time :( So straight D: oh well :D

不在乎天长地久 只在乎曾经拥有 :D

Mom so young~ Leng dao xD

LOLOL!! Same expression ==

Woooot!! Strong wind ~
(Gold Coast,Aussie)

Act dumb act ugly woot!

Mom, pleasure of shopping.
Bro, the agony of shopping.
(Somewhere in the city)

Still wanna take photos *-.-*
(Some train)

The more I look at them, the more I feel like being a child again.
I kinda notice that bro and my expression are almost the same O.O
And I can't stop smiling/laughing at the photos xD xD xD
Gees, gotta get back to reality now!! :(

*oh, kinda added back the cbox! :D you know what to do *evilsmirk*


sikfai said...

omg.. u so small that time.. sao lao muii..

❥CE CI LIA said...

You look so cute when you were young, *pinch* xD

-JoJo- said...

so good to have a young time pictures.

-0wner! said...

!! of cos laa, 10 yrs old only leh lolz.

lmao, normally people say my brother cuter xD and pinch him more! haha.

there's more, but got once computer died. all habis liao :( you don't have?