Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day!

I kinda checked my archive cos I wanted to know how I celebrated last year.
Apparently, my brother was admitted to hospital and I went to teman him cos I wanna study for the mid-year exams! Haha. Now, I don't feel like studying AT ALL :( The marks are so hard to get, straight A's for SPM ain't that easy eh? Sigh.

Went IOI yesterday afternoon~ Getting a new specs I guess, bro also made one == I hate wearing specs zzz. Met Fiona in the ladies lolz. :D IOI New Wing ain't that bad I think xD Saw a walking Papa John's pizza before lunch, after lunch gone liao, I guess someone ate liao.

Went to She-Reen's open house~ Hugo xD xD
Eh, how was the cludo game in the end? :O
PS: I want the photos~ :D

and TODAY!

to all mothers out there! :)

I wished mom at 12am :D :D :D
We kinda had some talks after parents fetch me back from SR's house~
Enjoy talking with mom~ Enjoy all the random talks we had xD
Exclude the scoldings woot lol

Hugged her before sleep :D

Went Puchong Yong Tau Fu at Batu 14 for lunch~
Yuum~ Their Yong Tau Fu are freshly made, you order, they make! :D

4 of us for RM40+ not bad luh.
We ordered 5 drinks, 2 rice..
It's nice la! :9

Going to Pantai Seafood at Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, PJ tonight and celebrate Mother's Day with Grandparents~

So hope everyone of you enjoyed Mother's Day!
Feels like having a war after that, a month full of books and exams.
JIAYOU!! *ties the [bi sheng] head strap* xD
Stay optimistic and happy all times~ ^^



kar mern,the yong tau foo iszit oposite the chinese temple there?


ohh u oso went 2day??too bad la cant c u~so nice right tat hse??especially the master bedroom~omg so nice la the toilet~hahaha (: hmm oicicic =p i tink i went tat yong tau foo before~hehe

sikfai said...

eii... tat is so near my place lei.. didnt call me eat 1.. i always go there eat de..