Friday, May 22

Plain torture!!

Omg, I can't believe today it's Friday already. 5 days of continuous exams, non-stop of studying .. non-stop of squeezing brain juice .. non-stop of stuffing food into mouth .. sitting on the chair for maximum of 2 and a half hour .. This is plain torture man!! Another week to go then I'm freeeeeeeeeee!! I smell freedom *ahhh~*

Kinda had Sejarah which is the deadly HISTORY yesterday .. Well, it's just deadly, I don't wish for high marks, it's totally impossible! :D So why care lah haiyah.

Most of the subjects are ... okay I guess, won't be failing any of them YET ;x

Next week CHINESE ; PHYSICS 1,2 ; BIO 1,3 paper. Die jor.

Bahasa Melayu 1 (crapped a lot *shy* )
Bahasa Melayu 2 (okay gua, tatabahasa sucks woot)
Chinese 1 DIE :(
Chinese 2 (sigh, i dont know lah. chinese is killing now)
English 1 (no time, wrote till hand pain *ouch*
English 2 (okay ...)
Additional Mathematics 1 (eeeeek, suan liao!! ToT )
Additional Mathematics 2 (careless mistake rawr!!)
Mathematics 1 (Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute aka MARDI. CARELESS DAO
Mathematics 2 (speechless)
Biology 1 6 marks gone woot
Biology 2 (Err ...)
Biology 3 (pray pray pray)
Chemistry 1 (YOR, careless I think D:)
Chemistry 2 (nobody did the mole calculations D: except me D:)
Chemistry 3 (yay! I like drawing the apparatus lolz)
Physics 1 (the questions are totally speechless yet .. suan liao!!
Physics 2 OMG, HARD DAO :(
Physics 3 (kinda get the hang of it gua)
History 1 (hmm, i think okay gua)
History 2 (if no fail thank guan yin ma :D)
Moral (sigh .. dont know what to say for moral)
Sivik (answers almost same, oh well, BONUS XD
PJ (already stand-by bazooka :D)

WOAH !! I didn't know the list was .. well .. THAT LONG !! Craziness !! Sot-ness !! and SITTING ON THE CHAIR FOR 2 AND A HALF HOUR IS REALLY TORTURING !! *ouch* I am so gonna enjoy my holidays I dont care. Weeeee~

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