Tuesday, May 5

Should start now.


I really need some motivation leh. Someone? Anyone? It's so tiring nowadays!! I tried to sleep early, ending up reading magazines in room xD

I don't understand Physics :(
[ I feel so dumb now :( ]

I didn't get my parents' super geng in Maths de genes D:

Sitting for 24 PAPERS next week. 11 days in total. Each day approx 2 papers. Even PJ got exam?! Greaat ... I don't even know a SINGLE thing about it :)

Now now, Sejarah finished another bab today. Which is bab 5. So moving on bab 6 after holidays. Sounds fast? I don't even know what Bab 1-Bab 5 is talking about. And it's like mid-year already? SIGHHHHHH

I don't belong here I guess. Everything's too hard .. or nothing is easy in the first place. SIGH. I guess I gotta use that cute little girl photo on the top right to cheer me up. Happy up? LOL

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C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...

oh not to forget moral -____-

stupid definitions rotfl