Monday, May 11

Pantai Seafood, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, PJ

Celebrated with grandparents! Just a short update with photos and less words :O Gotta study liao lah! Paper 3 mmg mati. And yah, those moral values also D: Almost forgot. And GOODLUCK to those who are having their exams too!! Feel so damn sleepy in class today dont know why. Langsung no mood, tried to make got mood pun cannot D: Stupid exams!! Hmpf!

Now, photos lah, headache when having dinner yesterday.
It suddenly stroke! Maybe overdose of seafood ==

Yo! :D

Brother like to do all those faces xD

Almost reached the restaurant

ALMOST reach ..


YAY! Finally found it, it's hidden inside ==

So many fishes~

Top view

My oyster !! Yummm~~

Tada~ xD *slurps!*

Ze Menu! Whoops! Blocked the price xD

It's like that in front of me, looks sad :(

Grandparents! XD

Steamboat ~

Kritz, your fav-ed fish eyeball ==

Random plates

Random fork. (I was bored)

Pantai Seafood~ at night

Yeah, so basically there's no time to study! So many programs, so many stuff to celebrate, so many places to go! Yay!!

PS: I don't know why I feel sleepy once I start to read the books :(

SOMEONE!! ANYONE!! Please hypnotize me and make me study?
Preeeeety please? XD

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Kritz said...

not this type of fish eye balls. ... or maybe .. i don't know. are they the same? :O

curry fish head eye balls FTW