Sunday, May 17

Cramming studies and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KWAN YIN HUI!

Wah, music can really save people's life!! Without blasting music I think I'll fall asleep while studying and, JUNK FOOD !! Okay .. I know it's not healthy and very fattening also, but what to do? I just need to chew something .. *innocentface* Had exams on last Thurs and Fri, still okay except for PJK paper == I really brought my bazooka leh, too bad invisible bazooka dont work in school -.-

So now, A(H1N1) visit Malaysia liao, the most unwanted thing.
2nd case already. I guess the spreading rate will be very fast. Gov can't isolate/quarantine all the people, confirm those infected people already met a lot of their friends/familymembers/doctors/nurses/and so damn more.


*old liao la* muahahah!

Since there's the flu here already, maybe we should stay at home and dont go school! So no need exams yay! Oh great, haven't at night already start dreaming xD

Holidays seems to be ruined eh? Can't go to crowded areas, sigh. Anyway, SO DAMN FREAAAKING LOOKING FORWARD that TWO WEEKS of HOLIDAYS !! D:

Jiayou lah jiayou lah, cramming last minute here D:

See!! I really study de leh. Fake dao lolz. Study still take photo xD

Oh btw! I got my new specs already! :D
According to JoshTan the side of the frame looks like a microchip thing lol xD

:D :D :D

Okay lah okay lah, enough wasting time here -.-
byeeeeeeeeee :( :( :( :( :(

*floods myself in books*
*wont be seeing me tmrw* LOL choi ==


Xing Ying~ New cousin sis :) So emo leh this pic xD


lalala~ said...

yor ~ thx ya !!!
thx you
my 'daughter'

Kritz said...

*cheap* LMAO


niceee spec! =p

eshin (: said...

nice specs !! love it <3

CE CI LIA said...

Ohmg, the baby is effin' cuteeee : D Anw, so long nvr keep in touch w you, heh.